Welcome to my online gallery!

I live on the mid-north coast of NSW, Australia, fertile ground for inspiration for a nature-loving artist.

My art, like my inspirations are diverse, but always central is the beauty that can be found in everyday places, people and things.

I am currently creating a body of work for an exhibition A Paradise of Waters in early 2019 at the Manning Regional Art Gallery. In these landscapes and still life works I am seeking to understand the landscape and its flora and fauna; my perception of them as inscrutable and mystical grows and influences my work.

My works in my last solo show in 2014, Dead Beautiful, might be described as “still death”. I continue to collect and paint “road kill” in order to convey my attitude towards the subjects. I began painting these animals as a way of recording a death passed unnoticed. Even the term “road kill” desensitizes us to the violent reality of the animal’s death. I paint the animals that I find as a way of making them extraordinary, of studying, admiring, remembering them. I see in each of them things that are complex and beautiful. I want people to look closer, to study, to marvel, and consider the impact of our lifestyle on these creatures. I want to encourage in the viewer an encompassing awareness of the equal value of all species.